Lessons in Leadership: Principal Prioritizes Equity, Preparing Students for World Beyond West Philadelphia

Summary:  This is an interview with Richard Gordon, a high school principal in West Philadelphia, who has won many accolades for his leadership.  He comments on the importance of community partnerships and involvement in helping schools meet the needs of its students. He goes on to comment on his focus on equity and how it is preparing students for life beyond schooling.

Source:  Roger Riddell, Education DIVE, August 25, 2020

Description:  “Certainly, we had a regular process in place to ensure we checked in with them and their families, as well, because probably the biggest challenge through this transition was really more about two things. One, the students feeling that sense of isolation. The two-way communication was a means of breaking that down and letting the kids know we’re still here, we still care for them, and we still want them to feel connected to the school — not just as individuals, but also as a group, whether it’s by grade or by school as a whole. The second issue was really understanding that through this whole process, our students are still dealing with a lot of competing issues.”

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