Teaching SEL: Powering Up Students with Social & Emotional Know-How

Summary:  This article talks about executive functioning and social-emotional learning from the perspective of “ExQ” – a company that has produced a curriculum designed to improve executive functioning and in so doing, also help students acquire SEL skills in the five CASEL domains.

Source:  Sucheta Kamath, Founder & CEO, ExQ®, Education DIVE, March 27, 2020

Description:  “All aspects of schooling require social-emotional competency and a mastery of Executive Function. Yet, it is only recently that we have begun to question if and how kids learn these nuanced cognitive and affective skills, as well as how teachers teach them in K-12 education. One incredibly effective method to do this is by founding education in Social and Emotional Learning methods….In light of clear connections between Executive Function and SEL, let me [Kamath] illustrate how Executive Function, and the explicit training of these skills, is essential to making SEL approach a productive and effective learning tool.”

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