The Science of Keeping Kids Engaged—Even From Home

Summary:  This article talks about student engagement in online learning and the importance of the science of motivation.  The authors focus on creating a sense of belonging, connecting work to purpose and relevance, and hard work, failure, and mindset.

Source:  Ian Kelleher and Chris Hulleman, Edutopia, August 21, 2020

Description:  “In short order, the move to online learning also laid bare some of the instructional flaws in our traditional structures of accountability, evaluation, and standardized testing. We hope for intrinsically motivated students, but we tend to design for the opposite, often with the best of intentions in mind. But motivating students with carrots and sticks—through endless, demoralizing cycles of high-stakes testing and assessment—is not getting us the deep learning and love of learning we desire. Fortunately there is a science of motivation, and we need to design it into the very fiber of our virtual courses. There is a pressing need to do so now in order to help keep students engaged through the challenges of distance learning, and to avoid exacerbating the previously existing gaps in learning opportunities born of systemic inequities.”

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