We’re Not ‘All in It Together’ – But we could be, if we rise to the moment.

Summary:  This article talks about the importance and character and civic-mindedness in dealing with the spread of the coronavirus.  The author speaks about civic character and the responsibility each of us should feel toward acting responsibly in the face of this public health crisis.

Source:  Eric Liu, The Atlantic, April 8, 2020

Description:  “When Americans talk about character, we usually mean individual virtue or personal traits like diligence or perseverance. Civic character, by contrast, is character in the collective: how we live together, how we behave in public, how we hold together a community. Civic character is about mutuality, shared sacrifice, and putting service before self….COVID-19 has offered us a crash course in civic character. The pandemic is forcing Americans to choose, very visibly, whether to live like citizens or like sociopaths. Citizens see in systems, while sociopaths see only themselves; citizens defer short-term gratification for long-term benefit, while sociopaths flip the sequence.”

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