What Could Reacclimation Mean for Schools Beyond COVID-19?

Summary:  This article stresses the importance of SEL as well as making other long-terms changes to help with the re-entry to schools after the pandemic.  The article cites several reliable sources including CASEL when looking at this question of how to re-open schools and what the focus should be.

Source:  Naz Modan, EducationDIVE, May 21, 2020

Description:  “As superintendents and principals emerge from two months of distance learning to discuss building reopening plans, leaders are being ushered to rethink daily operations and traditional approaches to learning. Among the priorities: student re-acclimation. Educators are discussing providing everything from social-emotional support to diagnostic testing as ways to ease students back into the classroom when they eventually return from months of social isolation, personal losses and other possible stresses.”

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