The Essential Teacher Trait That Has Emerged in the Pandemic

Summary:  This article underscores the importance of the teacher-student connection and empathy as means to work through the challenges of the COVID-19 epidemic.  These traits, as well as other social-emotional skills and competencies, have helped teachers and students alike overcome some of the challenges presented by online learning.  

Source:  Elizabeth Heubeck, Ed Week – TopSchoolJobs, July 28, 2020

Description:  “Empathy is at the heart of social-emotional learning, an approach that, when applied systematically, is intended to cultivate a caring and equitable learning environment that supports the development of essential skills such as responsible decision-making and emotional regulation. The recognition that teaching social-emotional skills is important and the practice of doing so in schools was gaining wider traction prior to the pandemic. In an exclusive survey by the EdWeek Research Center published in April 2020, 74% of teachers, principals, and district leaders who responded reported that their schools teach SEL; 43% of respondents agree that SEL is a “transformational way to improve public education”; and more than half of all respondents said their administration has taken specific steps toward implementing SEL. ”

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