Supporting School Community Wellness with Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) During and After a Pandemic

Summary:  This research brief from Penn State, looks at the importance of social-emotional learning in supporting students, teachers, and schools during the COVID-19 pandemic. High quality SEL implementation can help schools and communities to deal with the continued challenges presented by the pandemic. The article looks at how SEL can help promote wellness and the authors identify bright spots (best practices) and ripe spots (opportunities) associated with SEL implementation.

Source:  Cipriano, C., Rappolt-Schlichtmann, G., & Brackett, M. A.(2020). Supporting school community wellness with social and emotional learning (SEL) during and after a pandemic. University Park, PA: Edna Bennett Pierce Prevention Research Center, The Pennsylvania State University.

Description:  “When COVID-19 descended upon the nation in March 2020, schools across the country quickly turned to social and emotional learning (SEL) to seek guidance to support all school community members’ efforts to thrive. School closures required a rapid transition to remote learning amid unprecedented and disproportionate experiences of loss that intensified existing educational inequities. Coinciding with the pandemic, the violent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, followed by tense nationwide protests, awakened a longstanding need to support racial justice, foster equity, and dismantle structural racism. These social conditions and experiences of loss have presented challenges to wellness that continue to weigh heavily on the physical and mental health of educators, students, and families, especially for Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) communities and among those with disabilities.”

Read the full research brief here!

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