It’s Time to Rethink How Schools Use Data to Implement Social and Emotional Learning

Summary:  This article presents CASEL’s viewpoint on the importance of the use of data when implementing SEL.  Ally Skoog-Hoffman, a research director at CASEL, presents several case studies where school districts have used data to improve and guide their work on SEL.

Source:  Ally-Skoog-Hoffman, Education DIVE, September 15, 2020

Description:  “In our work with partner districts, we have also seen the benefit of widening the circle of who gets to see and reflect on the data. All too often, data stays locked in the central office. This is a missed opportunity, as data analysis offers a powerful way to communicate about the importance and impact of systemic SEL implementation and build buy-in among the full range of stakeholders, including teachers and school staff, students and their families, and community partners.”

Read the full article here!

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