In Preschools, Sharing and Playtime Look Different Now

Summary:  The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused schools to reimagine some of the most important practices in order to maintain student health and social-distancing.  This article addresses how pre-schools can get creative to provide students with opportunities for playtime and sharing.

Source:  Chelsea Sheasley, Edutopia, September 4, 2020

Description:  “What were once best practices in the classroom to teach students necessary social and developmental skills—such as sharing and playing with peers—are now liabilities. There are no desks to maintain six-foot boundaries, and no guarantee that young kids will fully understand, or remember, the new standards. And though young children seem to be the least susceptible to serious health impacts from the virus, many preschool teachers, like K–12 educators, have expressed fears that they are putting their own health at risk if they return. A number of preschools that have reopened have had to shut down again.”

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