CASEL: A (Re)introduction to Social and Emotional Learning: CASEL’s Definition and Framework

Summary:  On Friday, October 9, CASEL held a webinar introducing some changes to their framework describing their five competencies for Social-Emotional Learning (SEL).  In essence, the new framework addresses both Families and Caregivers and Community as areas of importance for developing partnerships and encouraging the use of community resources as learning opportunities.  The new framework is available on the CASEL website.

Source:  Karen Niemi, Robert Jagers, and Melissa Schlinger, CASEL, October 9, 2020

Description:  “CASEL first introduced the term “social and emotional learning” 26 years ago. Since then, we have been committed to a continuous process of learning, examining, and collaboratively refining the understanding of SEL. Throughout this process, our goal has remained the same: advance high-quality SEL in schools everywhere so that all adults and young people can thrive….CASEL is committed to ensuring that the vision for SEL translates into high-quality implementation. We are excited to share updates across definitions and our framework to highlight an expanded vision and growing research base for SEL.”

Access the redefined framework here!

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