Anti-Racist Teaching: What Educators Really Think

Summary:  This article presents the results of a Ed Week poll asking educators what they think about efforts to address the equity gaps in schools.  Analysis of the results looks at perceptions before the Black Lives Matter protests in the spring and perceptions as the new school year began in August.  The report also looks at perceptions of white educators as compared to black educators as to the success of teaching equity as well as other topics related to educational equity.

Source:  The Ed Week Research Center, September 25, 2020

Description:  “As part of the new special report “Big Ideas for Confronting Racism in Education,” we wanted to know how educators are thinking and talking about equity in schools. Are schools doing enough to bridge the equity gaps? Have the Black Lives Matter protests of the past several months shifted the opinions of teachers, principals, and district leaders on what an “anti-racist” education looks like? And do they have the preparation and resources they need for that work? Here are some key takeaways about the state of equity in education.”

Read the full article here!

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