How Teachers Can Encourage Moral Behavior

Summary:  This article talks about the importance of understanding the dangers of moral disengagement and how it leads to negative perceptions and bullying behaviors.  Educators need to understand how transgressors use moral disengagement to “disengage their moral self-sanctions from their detrimental conduct.”

Source:  Albert Bandura, Ed Week, October 14, 2020

Description:  “One striking finding of research is the extraordinary power of humanization to curb inhumane practices. Seeing common humanity in others arouses empathy and compassion. It also instills a sense of shared responsibility for society. Morality is governed socially rather than by laws of nature, thus enabling people to shape the world. The choices we make today will profoundly affect life for future generations. I want to say to the youths of the world: If we’re going to have a future, you are the ones who are going to have to create it. ”

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