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SEL and Media Literacy Resources for Election Season

Summary: The Panorama Education team has put together a list of informational resources, articles, and guides to provide support in fostering a civil classroom environment, whether in-person or virtually. There are lists for districts, school leaders, and teachers as well as for families and caregivers.

Source:  The Panorama Education Staff, Panorama Education, October.November 2020

Description:  “Perspective-taking, empathy, and respectful discussion are all important components of social-emotional learning that promote healthy relationships in any classroom. In the coming weeks and months, modeling and instilling these SEL skills will be especially crucial as educators prepare to guide their students through the upcoming election season. It’s also paramount for school leaders, educators, and parents to focus on helping young people develop the tools necessary to critically consume information online and responsibly share content.”

Access the list of resources here!

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