4 Questions Every School Leadership Team Must Ask

Summary:  This article focuses on the work of school leadership teams and the necessity for these teams to focus on the act of teaching and learning.  The author poses four questions which stimulate discussion in team meetings as to how to make student learning authentic.

Source:  Peter DeWitt, Education Week, November 22, 2020

Description:  “School leadership teams have the potential to have an enormous impact on student learning, which will ultimately strengthen the instructional core of the school community. Before COVID took place, during our time of COVID now, and long after it is over, the social-emotional learning needs of students and teachers should be at the center of what we do. However, during this time we have the opportunity to define our instructional core in school, which may mean looking at our most vital of standards and getting rid of some of what we used to teach because it does not have a place in our curriculum anymore. ”

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