3 Best Practices for Nurturing a Positive School Climate Virtually

Summary:  In this article, the author suggests three ways to support a positive climate during remote or hybrid learning.  These include encouraging and honoring student, family and staff feedback, setting standard routines for safe online learning, and providing SEL support for educators.  There are also links to resources that are provided by Panorama Education.

Source:  Nick Woolf, Panorama Education, December 9, 2020

Description:  “An extensive body of research shows that school climate has a significant impact on student well-being, emotional, and mental health outcomes. A positive school climate is linked to better academic performance, lower rates of bullying, psychological well-being in early adolescence, improved self-esteem in middle school students, lower levels of drug use among high school students, and greater job satisfaction for teachers. However, nurturing a positive school climate looks slightly different this academic year. Over 50 percent of districts are still engaged in hybrid (or fully remote) learning in 2020-21. Physical interactions are harder to come by during a school year filled with distancing, alternating schedules, and shutdowns.”

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