Connecting SEL to Academic Outcomes

Summary:  This article makes the connection between social emotional skills and four subject areas – visual and performing arts, social studies, health, and English language arts – and suggests that teaching these skills can be authentically done within the context of the subject matter.  These same ideas can be implemented in other subject areas as well.

Source:  Maurice Elias, Edutopia, December 7, 2020

Description:  “Understanding the public good and working toward collaborative solutions requires perspective taking and empathy; making informed and reasoned decisions in a civic context requires students to have systematic instruction in decision-making strategies that include constructive and persistent responses to obstacles.  Civic involvement will take place in groups and requires skills in working with others. Without sound SEL competencies, the emotional and intellectual challenges of civic engagement are far more likely to be frustrating than attractive. Those who wish to help students have constructive engagement with peers now and throughout their adult lives should focus strongly and intentionally on students’ SEL skills.”

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