When Social-Emotional Learning Is Misused – What we see through an equity lens

Summary:  This article speaks to the importance of viewing and implementing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) through an equity lens.  The authors stress the importance of considering the needs of children of color and then designing social-emotional learning experiences that address the supports that these families need – particularly during remote learning.

Source:  Eve Colavito and  Kalila Hoggard, Ed Week, December 11. 2020

Description:   “Social-emotional learning works—not only because it improves academic outcomes, but also because it helps young people be active partners in their own education. Done right, it grows not just people who can show up to school, remain silent in class, and fill in a bubble on a test but critical thinkers and lifelong learners who leave school ready to live in the world, to be a citizen, and to do equity work of their own. But in order for this vision to become reality for all children, we must ensure that SEL remains a mechanism for positive, relationship-building interactions rather than traumatizing ones.”

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