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4 Questions to Ask When Committing to Equity and Anti-Racism in Schools

Summary: This article poses four essential questions for educators to consider when making a commitment to addressing equity and anti-racism in their classrooms and their schools. These questions come as a result of the increased focus on systemic racism in response to incidents in 2020 which brought these issues to the fore. Educators need to be introspective about their feelings and perspective on these issues by taking an honest look at their own racial identity and how this impacts their teaching.

Source: Henry Turner and Lainie Rowell, K-12 DIVE, February 3, 2021

Description: “Many educators aspire to have a fair and equitable classroom. But how do we actually commit to equity and anti-racist work in our classrooms? The aspirational self vs. the actual self is something we all struggle with. We may aspire to be the perfect mentor, colleague, friend and family member. However, in reality, we often fall short of perfection. The problem is that aspiring to be something isn’t enough. We need to know our “why,” analyze what we need to work on, and get into routines to stay focused and avoid fatigue.”

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