Connecting SEL and Equity in Hybrid Learning Classrooms

Summary: This article focuses on building equity using SEL practices in hybrid learning situations. The author provides four strategies that will help to promote equity. These include building relationships with and among students, facilitating critical conversations, creating a supportive classroom climate, and enhancing students’ self-awareness.

Source: Chenita Evans, Edutopia, April 1, 2021

Description: “Equitable practices include SEL engagement while focusing on cultural proficiency, creating a welcoming environment, using restorative practices, and encouraging student voice to ensure that all students get what they need regardless of their race, gender, or religious background. When students feel safe in the learning environment, they are much more capable of learning. In fact, students who learn in equitable environments and learn strategies that promote SEL practices have demonstrated improved classroom behavior, better attitudes, and increased academic performance.”

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