Data: What We Know About Student Mental Health and the Pandemic

Summary: This article presents the results of a JED Foundation Survey as well as an Ed Week survey looking at the mental health issues that have been exacerbated by the pandemic. The issue of student mental health is critical when considering reopening schools and this survey data shows the many ways that it can affect children as well as some particular challenges for students of color and other vulnerable populations.

Source: Sarah D. Sparks, Education Week, March 31, 2021

Description: “In a nationally representative survey of more than 2,000 parents and nearly 900 teenagers this fall, the JED Foundation found that fundamental fears about the pandemic—how long it will last, whether the student or their family will get ill—cause more anxiety for teenagers than keeping up on their academics or getting ready for college. That suggests helping students learn to cope with the pandemic will be critical to keeping them focused on school.”

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