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Q&A: Meeting the Needs of Students of Color in a Time of Collective Trauma

Summary: This article is an interview with Janine Jones of the University of Washington talking about ways in which schools can meet the needs of students of color who may be experiencing the pandemic and the issues of systemic racism differently than their white counterparts. She talks about micro-aggressions in the classroom as well as the need for teachers to be sensitive to these different needs.

Source: Evie Blad, Education Week, March 31. 2021

Description: “As schools predict an increased need for mental health supports for all students, they should incorporate a cultural lens into their responses, said Janine Jones, a professor of school psychology at the University of Washington. Students may be more likely to engage with supports, like counseling, if they feel a sense of belonging at school. And subtle signals, like¬†micro-aggressions, can have the opposite effect for students of color, who may not feel like their experiences and identities are recognized at school, Jones said.”

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