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Students Need Emotional Support When Returning to School in Person. Here’s How

Summary: This article provides six ways for schools to prioritize Social-Emotional Learning when returning to school. These suggestions include mixing predictability and novelty, dealing with misbehavior in an understanding way, building students’ sense of competency, making connections, addressing students differing needs, and providing a safety net so no student falls through the cracks.

Source: Phyllis L. Fagell, Education Week, March 31. 2021

Description: “When I reached out to several fellow psychologists and educators by phone to hear about their own experiences returning to school, I found out that the student I observed is not unique. “The first thing educators need to understand is the toll that this year has taken on each person’s nervous system,” Mona Delahooke, the author of Beyond Behaviors: Using Brain Science and Compassion to Understand and Solve Children’s Behavioral Challenges, told me. ‘Nobody was immune from the stress of having to leave a familiar environment overnight, and our bodies and brains adapt differently to the new situation.’ While some students will look disengaged or detached, others will slouch, fidget, or move more. The one constant is that every child needs compassion and patience.”

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