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The Pandemic Will Affect Students’ Mental Health for Years to Come. How Schools Can Help

Summary: The author talks about the importance of understanding the stress that the pandemic has brought over the past year and how this will impact students (and teachers) over the long term. She makes the point that dealing with stress and anxiety is an important consideration. Some of children’s reactions to the pandemic may include difficulty in paying attention, difficulty sleeping, rise in substance abuse, need for socialization, feeling of isolation, among others. Teachers will need to be focused on addressing these social-emotional and mental health problems and be proactive in addressing them.

Source: Arianna Prothero, Education Week, March 31. 2021

Description: “The pandemic, combined with a massive experiment in remote schooling, a racial justice movement stemming from police killings of Black Americans, and economic and political instability will have long-term effects on schoolchildren’s mental health. For the foreseeable future, educators will have to grapple with a host of additional challenges that will complicate students’ abilities to learn, such as increased anxiety, substance abuse, and hyperactivity—all symptoms of the trauma many students have lived through this past year.”

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