When School Goes Remote, Many LGBTQ Students Lose a Safe Space

Summary: Remote learning have proven to be particularly challenging for many LGBTQ students because of the loss of support that they feel being in school. School can provide a community of support for these students where they feel they have a place to express themselves. They also miss the feeling of support from their LGBTQ peers.

Source: Madeline Will, Education Week, March 31, 2021

Description: “Survey data show that while the pandemic and its impact on schools have taken a toll on most teenagers, they have especially affected those who identify as LGBTQ. A nationally representative survey of 2,000 high school students, conducted by the EdWeek Research Center between Jan. 29 and Feb. 11, found that 83 percent of LGBTQ teenagers said they are experiencing more problems in school than they did before the pandemic, compared to 69 percent of heterosexual high schoolers.”

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