How to Embed SEL Into Your Instruction

Summary: This article focuses on the WHY behind social emotional learning and the importance of embedding these skills in the classroom. The author cites the importance of providing students with opportunities to practice and cultivate these skills and to reflect on their importance. The author also suggests strategies for practicing the five SEL domains. These practices help to develop a supportive and equitable classroom environment.

Source: Ashley Taplin, Edutopia, April 8, 2021

Description: “Embedding social and emotional learning (SEL) into instruction is a powerful way to help students connect and engage in learning. According to CASEL, one of the leaders in school-wide SEL, explicit SEL instruction requires “consistent opportunities for students to cultivate, practice, and reflect on social and emotional competencies in ways that are developmentally appropriate and culturally responsive.” Critical to that approach is sharing with our students the why behind SEL content, just as we do with academic content. Explaining why we check in, why we ask students to pair up, or why we work through different problem-solving strategies is core to meaningful and successful SEL.”

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