How to Help High School Students Develop Empathy

Summary: This article presents eight strategies that will help to develop empathy in high school students. These suggestions include expressing one’s feelings, really listening to one another, occupying characters from books, reacting to movies, among others. Empathy is certainly needed in our present word and these strategies can help students become more empathetic.

Source: Maurice J. Elias, Edutopia, April 9, 2021

Description: “High school students spend a lot of time thinking about who they are and who they will be in the world. They think about their upcoming decisions about college and careers. All this naturally pushes them toward a lot of concern with “I.” Educators need to help ensure that the “we” stays in the picture as well. And that’s why it’s necessary to encourage empathy in high school….The importance of empathy—and its close cousin, compassion—is becoming more and more clear as we see what’s happening in the world around us. Let’s be sure to prepare our high school students to contribute as more considerate and caring citizens.”

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