Weaving Anti-bias and Equity into Curricula Begins with Self-reflection

Summary: This article makes the point that teachers wishing to promote anti-bias and equity in their classrooms need to begin by taking a look at their own biases and understand that this is not a simple process. There is no one tool that can address these issues. Rather it is important to take a broader approach by reflecting on the world around them and taking steps to accomplish these goals.

Source: Lauren Barack, K-12 Dive, May 26, 2021

Description: “For teachers eager for simple tools and steps that can weave anti-bias, social justice, equity and culturally-responsive education into their classroom, experts say that approach can be superficial and potentially even cause harm. The first step instead, they believe, is to first ask themselves what they hope to achieve with their students, then roll up their sleeves and start taking those steps themselves.”

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