Weaving SEL into a Standards-focused Curriculum

Summary: This article speaks to the importance of including social-emotional skills in the curriculum as schools plan to re-open in the fall. Social emotional needs will be important to help schools support students as they return to face-to-face instruction. These skills will help students cope with whatever stress and anxiety accompanies the return to school.

Source: Lauren Barack, K-12 DIve, June 30, 2021

Description: “With the social-emotional needs of students likely a high priority, educators may want to consider where to streamline assignments so standards and skills are addressed, but with an eye to time management. One suggestion is to use cross-curriculum opportunities so multiple subjects are covered together, while another is looking at where students are already learning a skill inherently in a project without it being explicitly taught.

Educators may also want to focus on core standards they and their teaching teams believe are the highest priorities, while considering setting others aside this year.”

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