The Role of Social-Emotional Learning in Re-Opening Schools

Summary: K-12 Dive has created a “Trendline” on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) which will present articles of interest about the role of SEL for students and educators alike. Initially, this includes six articles focusing on SEL and mental health and trauma associated with the pandemic. You can access the Trendline by signing up using the link below.

Source: Roger Riddell, K-12 Dive, June 15, 2021

Description: “As districts nationwide continue navigating the challenges of reopening for in-person learning, so too does the struggle of weighing additional supports students will need when they re-enter classrooms. Alongside expected learning losses, many will also require extra supports for social-emotional needs, having experienced the trauma of losing loved ones, family financial emergencies, unstable home environments or other factors.

Alongside these mental and emotional health concerns, social-emotional learning has gained traction in recent years as an essential means of helping students develop compassion, empathy, teamwork and other life skills that will benefit them in future career, as well as from a discipline perspective.”

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