SEL Lesson Plans for Fall 2021

Summary: The Rutgers SECD Lab has developed a set of SECD Lesson Plans which can be used freely as schools re-open for the 2021-22 School Year. These are free, high-quality lesson plans which are arranged by topic and grade level.

Source: Rutgers SECD Lab, August 30, 2021

Description: “The Social-Emotional and Character Development Lab at Rutgers has created a compilation of accessible lesson plans for K-12 classrooms focused on the social-emotional needs of students for Fall 2021. The lessons include opening activities, team-building, discovering our differences and similarities, student voice and leadership, positive school and classroom climate, sharing emotions, students supporting one-another, problem solving/decision making, academic and character goal setting and positive purpose, morning meetings and morning classroom conversations, and anti-bullying through music.”

Access the activities here!

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