Principals Need Social-Emotional Support, Too

Summary: This article underscores the importance of social-emotional skills for everyone in a school. Often school leaders are overlooked when considering the importance of social-emotional skills and self-care. Social-emotional skills need to be developed early in ones training. Educator and leadership training programs need to focus on the development of these skills so that they become second nature. We know the importance of modeling by the adults in school, and modeling these skills should be no different. The article suggests strategies that help principals (and others) develop these skills.

Source: Denisa R. Superville, Education Week, September 14, 2021

Description: “SEL really can’t work in schools unless principals understand the research and practices undergirding it and are modeling appropriate behaviors for staff and students. And the principal’s responsibilities—attending to students’ academic and social-emotional well-being; building relationships with staff, students, parents, and the broader community; engendering trust with stakeholders; making sound management decisions while also juggling their personal lives—demonstrate that they’re prime candidates who would benefit from a firm understanding and practice of SEL. The pandemic and social justice protests over the last 18 months were clarion calls that principals desperately need SEL, too. Not just to support students and teachers, but for their own well-being and survival.”

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