Teachers are Not OK, Even Though We Need Them to Be

Summary: Stress and anxiety caused by the recent pandemic has negatively impacted teaches across the country. This article reports on the findings of an Ed Week Research Center survey. The article goes on to suggest some ways that school districts can address the problem and promote teacher well-being.

Source: Madeline Will, Education Week, September 14, 2021

Description: “Sixty percent of teachers say they experience job-related stress frequently or always, according to a nationally representative survey by the EdWeek Research Center conducted in July. Just 9 percent say they never or rarely do. When asked what effects job-related stress has on them and their work, teachers commonly said they have a harder time sleeping, they’re less able to enjoy their free time with family or friends, and their physical health suffers. And 41 percent of teachers said they feel like they’re less effective at their job when they’re stressed. Research shows that when teachers are stressed out, the quality of their instruction, classroom management, and relationships with students all suffer. And students tend to be more stressed when their teachers are, which could negatively affect their academic performance and engagement.”

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