Counselors Say Students’ SEL Skills Just as Important as Academic Development

Summary: This article summarizes a report issued by the American School Counselors Association and ACT which cites the importance of social-emotional skills in supporting academic learning. This has been particularly true in this time of recovery from the pandemic. The article provides some insights coming from the counselors themselves as well as other sources.

Source: Kara Arundel, K-12 DIVE, November 12, 2021

Description: “Students’ self-management skills, such as self-discipline, self-control and self-motivation, are some of the most difficult social and emotional practices to learn but also the most important to develop, according to a report issued jointly Thursday by the American School Counselor Association and ACT, a nonprofit that provides college and career readiness programs and assessments. Given the value of social and emotional skills, particularly as students begin to recover from pandemic-related hardships, the report recommends school districts incorporate SEL initiatives in systemwide plans by aligning goals and strategies for SEL development throughout students’ K-12 experience.”

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