SEL Can Strengthen the Soft Skills Employers Seek

Summary: This article suggests that schools should focus on helping parents understand the value of SEL skills, how they support learning, and how they can benefit students later in the workplace. Parents need to have a better understanding of SEL really means and the benefits that it can afford their children in school and beyond.

Source: Lauren Barack, K-12 DIVE, November 17, 2021

Description: “When speaking with parents, focus on the specific skills SEL imparts and how these tools can boost academic growth — rather than using vague language. Educators can also explain SEL is not taking time away from academics or educational growth, but is integrated into curricula. While parents may see SEL as helpful to their child’s social and emotional success, they may require assurances these tools can enrich, rather than encroach upon, educational learning. Doing so may help educators garner more support for embedding SEL throughout the school day.”

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