OPINION: We know what would prevent many school shootings. Why don’t we do it?

Summary: This article is a reflection on the experiences of a former school principal on the various school shootings that have occurred over the last two decades. The author believes that a greater focus on social-emotional learning (SEL) would be a preventative measure to help to stop this trend. He questions why we have been reluctant to devote resources to make this happen.

Source: Ari Gerzon-Kessler, The Hechinger Report, December 1, 2021

Description: “What if the young men who became mass killers in Detroit, Boulder, Atlanta and Indianapolis had been part of SEL education that focused on these important tenets? What if we had not missed the opportunity to nourish their hearts and spirits when they were 6, 11 or 16? What if we created post-pandemic spaces for our youth to bring forth their most authentic selves where they can feel seen, heard and truly known? What if our young people experienced school as a place of connection, relationship and community?”

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