Social Emotional Learning Should Not Be the Next Target in America’s Culture Wars

Summary: This article looks at the current attacks on SEL by those who conflate SEL with Critical Race Theory as well as others. Krauss submits that these attacks are misguided and gives compelling reasons why Social-Emotional Learning is critical for both children and adults.

Source: Stephanie Malia Krauss, SeSurge, February 9, 2022

Description: “When asked for my advice, I tell educators to avoid acronyms (they’re weaponized) and continue doing what’s right for kids. Educators are not alone in the belief that this work is important. Doctors, employers, researchers, parents and scientists agree too. Social-emotional learning has been targeted by these culture wars, but it does not have to be a casualty of them. Our kids need the people and places in their lives to prioritize their social emotional health and wellbeing, now more than ever.”

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