5 Ways to Encourage Students to Develop Intellectual Humility

Summary: This article points out the importance of helping students develop their ability to evaluate material they read and accept the fact that their view could be wrong. This skill can be called “Intellectual Humility” and falls in the realm of social, emotional, and character development. The article suggests five strategies that can be used to promote intellectual humility at various grade levels.

Source: Maurice Elias, Edutopia, August 9. 2022

Description: “Many SEL competencies are required to routinely say to oneself, “Am I sure about this? How do I know this belief or ‘fact’ to be accurate?,” including perspective-taking, social problem-solving, communicating, and reflecting. It also involves combating impatience and frustration. Inherent in having intellectual humility is the ability to be patient—to not require an immediate answer—and to have tolerance for frustration. This, of course, depends on emotion recognition and management. Intellectual humility, or lack thereof, is clearly timely, related to persistence in holding on to polarized positions and reluctance to consider others’ points of view as legitimate.

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