Service-Learning Can Be the Bridge to Social Emotional Learning. Educators Should Embrace It.

Summary: This article explores the connection between SEL and service learning opportunities. The author, a history teacher, provides several examples of student-led service learning projects that have led to successful learning experiences while benefiting the school and the community at large. The author also supplies some definitions of service learning and examines some pitfalls as well as advantages of this connection.

Source: Scott Petri, EdSurge, September 6, 2022

Description: “I believe there is still a way for students to re-engage in school, support their communities and learn leadership skills. After taking a closer look at the social emotional learning (SEL) framework, it is clear there is a connection between SEL and service learning that educators can use and nurture. In my [the author’s] 20 years as an educator, I have seen firsthand how service-learning engages students as they become leaders in their communities. There is no better way to integrate SEL and civic engagement for the next generation of learners.”

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