Psychologist: College students can help us improve children’s mental health care | Opinion

Summary: In this op-ed article, Dr. Elias suggests an interim measure to help schools improve the mental health of students in need of counseling. Using college students as mentors is an appealing opportunity that would benefit both the student mentors and the mentees. An example from Rutgers University shows how this could be implemented.

Source: Maurice Elias, Star-Ledger, September 9, 2022

Description: “Our two- and four-year colleges and universities are a tremendous and abundant source of mentors for children and adolescents. For many youths, having someone to talk to other than parents or educational staff can be appealing. College students often seem more approachable, and having an opportunity to express concerns, get reassurance, learn some coping strategies, and have someone available for follow-up can alleviate the degree of stress that can turn a situation from difficult but manageable into something beyond a child’s capacity to deal with.”

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