Academy for Social-Emotional Learning in Schools

Apply for Enrollment in the Certificate Program

The Certificate for School Leadership in Social-Emotional Learning and Character Development is offered by the College of Saint Elizabeth in partnership with Rutgers University. Participants who complete this three-course online program will earn a certificate from the College of Saint Elizabeth, and will benefit from a valuable set of knowledge and experiences gained from the highly interactive coursework and practicum.

Graduates will leave the program with a diverse portfolio that exemplifies the professional development and skills obtained in the program. They will enjoy a lifetime membership in the Academy’s online professional learning community, which provides immediate access to experts in the field, carefully vetted and up-to-date resources, and a support network for exchanging ideas and best practices for implementing SEL, school culture, and climate initiatives.

Who Can Benefit From This Program?

The mission of the certificate program is to prepare school leaders to coordinate SEL implementation efforts at the building and/or district level. The program emphasizes school climate, culture, values, leadership, student voice/engagement, and SEL skills development; it is designed for people who are in formal or informal school leadership positions. These individuals may include, but are not limited to:

– Principals
– Assistant principals
– Student support personnel
– Curriculum coordinators
– Lead teachers
– Members of teams or committees addressing bullying, school culture and climate, discipline, character, SEL and related school-wide areas
– Those who hold positions in district central offices

Requirements and Eligibility

To enroll, participants must have a bachelor’s or higher degree in a related field. Participants should either currently be in a position of school leadership, such as those listed above, or have held a leadership position previously and have the goal of returning to one. We also encourage applicants who aspire to be in leadership roles in schools, especially as they relate to SEL, character development, and/or culture and climate.

Course Schedule

This program is designed specifically for educators and school leaders, and is structured to accommodate their busy work schedules.

The first course in the program, SEL101, consists of five-weeks of self-paced activities and one facilitator-led online meeting each week for the first four weeks of class (see workshop calendar for dates). The second course, SEL201, consists of twelve weeks of self-paced activities and five facilitator-led online meetings spread across the duration of the course (see workshop calendar for dates).

The SEL301 practicum is a 16-week project-based course with four facilitator-led online meetings spread across the duration of the course (see workshop calendar for dates). Participants will apply what they learned in the foundational course, and use the leadership tools they acquired in SEL201 to a practicum project designed to address a specific SEL and/or school culture and climate-related challenge in their school.

SEL101: Research and Innovations in Social-Emotional Learning and Positive School Culture/Climate 

Current Section:

Date: June 4th, 2018 – July 8th, 2018
Term: 5 Weeks
Application Deadline: May 25th
Status: Closed

Upcoming Section: Summer/Fall TBD

SEL201: Leadership in School-Wide Social-Emotional Learning and Character Development 

Current Section:

Date: May 7th – July 29th, 2018
Term: 12 Weeks
Prerequisite: SEL101
Registration Deadline: April 27th
Status: Closed

To enroll in SEL201 please contact the Program Coordinator at

SEL301: Implementing and Leading a Social-Emotional Learning and School Culture/Climate Initiative  

Upcoming Sections:

Date: Fall, 2018 (TBA)
Term: 16 Weeks
Prerequisite: SEL101 and SEL201
Registration Deadline: TBA
Status: Open – To enroll in SEL301 please contact the Program Coordinator at


Program Tuition

The online program allows for an affordable and flexible pathway for professional development in SEL school leadership. Per-course tuition is as follows:

Foundations: Research and Innovations in Social-Emotional Learning and Positive School Culture and Climate

Five-Week Online Course: $225

Leadership in School-Wide Social-Emotional Learning and Character Development

12-Week Online Course: $349

Practicum: Implementing and Leading a Social-Emotional Learning and School Culture and Climate Initiative

16-Week Online Course: $495

Enrollment Process

Get started in the certificate program in three steps:

  1. Step 1: Complete the Online Application for enrollment.
  2. Step 2: Within two weeks you will receive an email containing your acceptance status. If accepted into the program you will receive further information about creating your student account, accessing your program materials, and other important information for beginning the program.
  3. Step 3: Sign in to the Academy website to access your online courses and the learning community.

Terms and Conditions

This certificate program may serve as continuing education in many school districts, and we will provide verification of completion upon request. However, this program is currently non-credit-bearing and can not be applied toward a degree.

Participants may receive a full tuition refund if they opt out of any course within a week after it begins. After the first week, participants who opt out of a course will receive a credit toward completion of the same course redeemable for up to two years.