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  • October 20, 2018
  •    BY Kira Rizzuto

by Kira Rizzuto, Program Development Manager, Arts Ed NJ 

Research indicates that the benefits of learning in and through the arts are social-emotional as well as cognitive. Arts-based learning has impact upon important outcomes such as improvements in student learning and mastery, student engagement, and positive school culture and climate. As students engage in arts learning they are developing skills they will need to thrive as citizens and as leaders. Participation in the arts fosters collaboration, empathy, and critical thinking.

Arts Ed NJ is committed to making clear the connection between participation in the arts and the goal of a well-rounded education for all students. As the voice of arts education in New Jersey, Arts Ed NJ works together with its many partners to ensure favorable conditions for arts education to take place in schools across the state. At Arts Ed NJ we know that learning in and through the arts is enjoyed by students and valued deeply by parents, educators, and educational leaders. Enthusiasm for arts education is shared by many in New Jersey. In fact, more than 90% of New Jerseyans believe that arts education is an important part of a student’s education. Additionally, 87% of New Jerseyans believe arts education helps students become more creative and imaginative, 81% believe it builds confidence, and 74% believe it improves communication skills.  

In September 2016, a statewide public awareness campaign was launched in New Jersey with an overarching goal of increasing student participation in the arts K-12 by 2020. The campaign website, Arts Ed, provides the resources and tools needed for effective advocacy, so that high quality arts education–the foundation of arts-rich schools and districts–can continue to thrive in New Jersey. The multi-year campaign reflect the realities present in today’s arts education landscape, and is intended to assist parents, educators, administrators and community leaders make a strong case for creative learning and the important role that arts education serves in student development and achievement.

Arts Ed Now Ambassadors are empowered to show public support for the value of arts education, promote policies that encourage more active participation, and are prepared to be effective advocates. The message of the campaign is clear: Active creative learning is good for all students…and good for New Jersey! Stop by campaign central,, for more info, and while you are there order stickers, signs, and other tools that will help you make the case for the arts. Join with other Ambassadors throughout New Jersey who are already leading the way for arts education!

Kira Rizzuto 
Program Development Manager

Arts Ed NJ 
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    • October 20, 2018
  •    BY Kira Rizzuto
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