Academy for Social-Emotional Learning in Schools

Successful School Guideline #1 [Inspiring]

The school community has a shared vision and plan for promoting, enhancing and sustaining a positive school climate.

Suggested Actions that address the Guideline:

  • Commit to working together to develop a shared vision and plan to create a safe and productive learning community that stands for and can articulate particular focal themes, values, priorities.
    • Do a “Visioning Exercise” with the School Safety Team or “Culture and Climate Team” and then with the faculty/staff and the rest of the school community to identify a vision of what the school should stand for.
  • Develop and implement policies and practices to support above
    • Do a “Core Values” exercise to decide, as a total school community what core values are important to instill and model for everyone in the school and formally adopt and propagate those values throughout the entire community.
  • Gather and use data from a school climate assessment of students, staff, parents, and community
    • Administer an assessment of school culture and climate with students, faculty, staff, parents, and community members as respondents.
    • Disaggregate and review the data from the assessment and identify strengths and opportunities for improvement from the data.
    • Share these strengths and opportunities with the larger community and discuss these trends, brainstorming ideas for improvement.
  • Develop and implement strategies for school climate improvement
    • Engage the Culture and Climate Team (SST) in action planning based on the assessment results and the ensuing discussions with various focus groups in order to identify specific actions addressing opportunities for improvement.
  • Use the findings to develop and implement goals and action-plans to achieve those goals
    • See above.
  • Communicate results of assessments and improvement efforts to the wider school community
    • Take the time to recognize and celebrate the strengths identified through the assessment process and plan to build on these strengths when addressing opportunities.
    • Create a method or protocol for sharing the strengths and opportunities from the assessment as well as action planning ideas and steps for improvement.
  • Build the capacity of the school improvement effort to engage all members of the school community
    • Determine who else should be included in the committee and how to best share the work of the committee in analyzing data and creating action plans.