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6 Ways Teachers Continue to Promote Student Voice This Year

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Summary:  This article makes suggestions as to how teachers can encourage student voice, even when working remotely.  These include connection, collaboration, checking for understanding, providing hands-on learning experiences, and maintaining a learning routine, among others.

Source:  Cheryl Abla, Edutopia, December 8, 2020

Connecting SEL to Academic Outcomes

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Summary:  This article makes the connection between social emotional skills and four subject areas – visual and performing arts, social studies, health, and English language arts – and suggests that teaching these skills can be authentically done within the context of the subject matter.  These same ideas can be implemented in other subject areas as well.

Source:  Maurice Elias, Edutopia, December 7, 2020

When Social-Emotional Learning Is Misused – What we see through an equity lens

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Summary:  This article speaks to the importance of viewing and implementing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) through an equity lens.  The authors stress the importance of considering the needs of children of color and then designing social-emotional learning experiences that address the supports that these families need – particularly during remote learning.

Source:  Eve Colavito and  Kalila Hoggard, Ed Week, December 11. 2020

3 Best Practices for Nurturing a Positive School Climate Virtually

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Summary:  In this article, the author suggests three ways to support a positive climate during remote or hybrid learning.  These include encouraging and honoring student, family and staff feedback, setting standard routines for safe online learning, and providing SEL support for educators.  There are also links to resources that are provided by Panorama Education.

Source:  Nick Woolf, Panorama Education, December 9, 2020

Building Better Relationships With Parents at the Classroom, School, and District Level

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Summary:  This article attests to the importance of partnering with parents, especially during remote learning, to help ensure student participation and success.  The author suggests several ways to improve relationships between the school and the home and lists a number of resources that could be helpful in building these relationships.

Source: Heather Wolpert-Gawron,  Edutopia, November 20, 2020

4 Questions Every School Leadership Team Must Ask

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Summary:  This article focuses on the work of school leadership teams and the necessity for these teams to focus on the act of teaching and learning.  The author poses four questions which stimulate discussion in team meetings as to how to make student learning authentic.

Source:  Peter DeWitt, Education Week, November 22, 2020

The Synergy of Arts Education and Social-Emotional Learning

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Summary:  This Smart Brief from Arts Ed NJ and the SECD Lab at Rutgers shows how the visual and performing arts (VPA) can help students build social-emotional competencies.  Teaching in the arts can help to address trauma and inequity and provide students with an outlet for expression and a way to address societal issues.  The framework described in this Smart Brief shows how SEL can be integrated in standards for the visual and performing arts.

Source:  Arts Ed NJ and the Rutgers SECD Lab, Smart Brief, Fall 2020

6 Exercises to Get to Know Your Students Better—and Increase Their Engagement

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Summary:  This article underscores the importance of knowing more about your students even when faced with distance learning during the pandemic.  Strategies and classroom practices are shared from around the country including a very successful “Laws of Life” project which gave students the opportunity to tell their story through writing, music, art, and other forms of expression.  Similar examples are also shared.

Source: Nora Fleming, Edutopia, November 12, 2020

Lady Liberty

SEL and Media Literacy Resources for Election Season

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Summary: The Panorama Education team has put together a list of informational resources, articles, and guides to provide support in fostering a civil classroom environment, whether in-person or virtually. There are lists for districts, school leaders, and teachers as well as for families and caregivers.

Source:  The Panorama Education Staff, Panorama Education, October.November 2020

Relationships, Equity Remain Essential for Curriculum to Connect in Remote Learning

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Summary:  This article underscores the importance of maintaining relationships and promoting equity as school leaders cope with the challenges of the pandemic.  Remote learning has presented challenges to the equity issue on many fronts including access to technology and other socio-economic issues but also to the point of racial inequalities and culturally-responsive teaching.  On the other hand, in many places, educators have shown creative ways to maintain these connections and serve their school communities in a period of remote learning.

Source:  Roger Riddell, Education DIVE, October 28, 2020