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Tips for Balancing Work and Life While Teaching Remotely

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Summary:  This article underscores the importance of self-care for teachers during online instruction. The article offers five tips for retaining life-work balance not only in the classroom, but during online learning whether it is full-time or during a hybrid schedule.

Source:  Madeline Will, Education Week, July 21, 2020

Reunite, Renew, and Thrive: Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Roadmap for Reopening School

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Summary:  This document from CASEL provides a road map with suggested steps and activities to help schools navigate their way back to school in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  There are four suggested critical practices each with a set of steps for reopening schools.

Source:  CASEL, July 2020.

New Jersey First in Nation to Provide Educators with Social and Emotional Framework tied to Arts Education

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Summary:  This article reports on the newly adopted Framework for SEL and the Arts.  While core competencies for SEL had been adopted by New Jersey in 2017, the SEL and Arts Education Taskforce convened by SEL4NJ and Arts Ed NJ, dedicated 18 months to create a framework designed to illuminate the intersection between arts education and social-emotional learning.

Source:  New Jersey Stage, June 16, 2020

How CDC Guidance Could Shape What Back-to-School Looks Like in the COVID-19 Era

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Summary:  This article discusses the content of the voluntary CDC Guidelines for re-opening schools.  The scenarios presented have an impact on every aspect of schooling, presenting challenges to educators when planning for a safe re-opening of schools.

Source:  Evie Blad, Education Week, May 29, 2020

Growth Mindset in a Pandemic: Teachers Talk About Building Resilience in Students

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Summary:  This article provides comments by several teachers about the importance of maintaining a growth mindset during remote learning.  The teachers found that building resilience in students in the midst of a whole new learning paradigm was the first step toward successful online learning.

Source:  Sarah D. Sparks, Education Week, May 29, 2020

4 Back-to-School Scenarios; How to Boost Engagement Online

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Summary:  Here are five articles from EdSurge that address the issue of remote learning and re-opening schools in the fall.  The articles deal with back to school plans, how to engage students in online learning, how much time is appropriate for remote learning, strategies to promote successful online learning, and health concerns when opening schools in the fall.

Source:  EdSurge, June 2, 2020

‘Moments like now are why we teach’: Educators Tackle Tough Conversations About Race and Violence

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Summary:  “Navigating discussions about race relations, police brutality, and systemic racism can be challenging for teachers even during normal times. But grappling with these topics during a pandemic, when school communities can’t learn together in person, is even more difficult.”

Source:  Reema Amin, Caroline Bauman, and Stephanie Wang, Chalkbeat, May 31, 2020 

6 Considerations for School Leaders Making a Statement About George Floyd

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Summary:  This article makes suggestions for superintendents and principals when reaching out to their communities to talk about the death of George Floyd.  The writers say that the language must be pointed and that it should specifically address the issue of the treatment of blacks by law enforcement which has been a long-standing problem.

Source:  Dorinda J. Carter Andrews and Shaun R. Harper, Education Week, June 2, 2020

Reopening School: What it Might Look Like

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Summary:  This article explores seven different ideas about how schools could re-open, some additional thoughts on these possibilities, and how to face the unknown as you plan for re-opening.  This article is also available as a podcast.

Source:  Jennifer Gonzalez, Cult of Pedagogy, May 24, 2020

What Could Reacclimation Mean for Schools Beyond COVID-19?

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Summary:  This article stresses the importance of SEL as well as making other long-terms changes to help with the re-entry to schools after the pandemic.  The article cites several reliable sources including CASEL when looking at this question of how to re-open schools and what the focus should be.

Source:  Naz Modan, EducationDIVE, May 21, 2020