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How Teachers Can Encourage Moral Behavior

Summary:  This article talks about the importance of understanding the dangers of moral disengagement and how it leads to negative perceptions and bullying behaviors.  Educators need to understand how transgressors use moral disengagement to “disengage their moral self-sanctions from their detrimental conduct.”

Source:  Albert Bandura, Ed Week, October 14, 2020



Human Interaction, SEL in Curriculum Key to Curbing Cyberbullying

Summary:  This article focuses on the importance of teaching SEL skills that can be used in the online world just as they are used face-to-face.  Mandy Manning, 2018 National Teacher of the Year, is very interested in the role that social-emotional learning (SEL) plays in the ways students engage, whether they’re physically in front of each other or connecting online. It’s an area Manning calls digital civility.

Source:  Lauren Barack, Education DIVE, October 16, 2019



Study Ties Pre-K Bullying to Childhood Depression

Summary:  This article reports on a research study of 198 2- and 3-year-old Canadian students, who were primarily white and middle-class, that finds preschool children who both bully and are themselves bullied are most likely to show signs of childhood depression, which can appear as early as age 3 and increases the risk of depression in later childhood and adolescence, according to the Hechinger Report.

Source:  Amelia Harper, Education DIVE, February 6, 2019



Schools Require Additional Strategies to Prevent and Respond to Cyberbullying

Summary: While many schools focus on incidents of physical bullying and intimidation, cyberbullying is continuing to grow in frequency. This article covers several forms of cyberbullying and suggests some strategies schools can use to address it.

Source:Amelia Harper, Education DIVE, October 10, 2018

Categories: Anti-Bullying, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), SEL Basics, School Safety, School Culture and Climate



How Are School Districts Legally Responsible for Bullying?

Summary: This article summarizes schools’ legal responsibility to address bullying. Though the laws vary from state to state, certain key components remain constant, including the fact that these incidents must be investigated and properly reported.

Source:Amelia Harper, Education DIVE, October 2, 2018

Categories: Anti-Bullying, Educational Equity, Codes of Conduct, Student Behavior



Survey: One-third of Students Report Being Bullied

Summary: “A third of students reported that they experienced bullying during the 2017-18 school year — up from a fourth in previous school years, according to survey results released today by YouthTruth Student Survey, a San Francisco-based non-profit organization.”

Source:Linda Jacobson, Education DIVE, September 24, 2018

Categories: Anti-Bullying, Relationships, School Culture and Climate, SEL Basics, Student Behavior




Teachers Can Impact Bullying More Than They Realize

Summary:  This article reports on programs that can help stop bullying and the role that SEL can play in creating safe spaces for students. The role that teachers can play in stopping bullying is also outlined in this article.

Source:  Amelia Harper, Education DIVE, October 24, 2017

Categories:  Anti-bullying, Positive Relationships, Classroom Practices, SEL Basics



Empathy Instilled Through Fictional Literature Can Curb Bullying

Summary:  This article supports the idea that fictional literature can help students understand relationships and help to curb bullying.  “When students read works of fiction that reflect the diversity they will encounter in their daily lives, they are less likely to bully those who are different from them”, author Michael Dahl writes for eSchool News.

Source:  Linda Jacobsen, Education DIVE, October 11, 2017

Categories:  Empathy, Anti-Bullying, Classroom Practice, Emotional Intelligence



Teaching Civility Can Reduce School Bullying

Summary: This article explores the issue of bullying and proposes a focus on teaching civility and SEL instead of focusing directly on anti-bullying itself. “Schools need to focus on embracing civility and kindness rather than preventing bullying and ensure that staff members know how to respond to hurtful situations.”

Source: Amelia Harper, Education DIVE, September 19, 2017

Categories:  Anti-Bullying, Emotional Intelligence,




Cyberbullying Concerns Prompt Cell Phone Restrictions at Maine Middle School

Summary: This article reports on a decision to restrict the use of cellphones at Lewiston Middle School in Maine in the hopes of reducing cyberbullying.  The decision resulted from the deaths of two students and reports that cell phones were used to bully during school hours.

Source: Linda Jacobson, Education DIVE, September 1, 2017

Categories: Anti-Bullying, Code of Conduct, Student Behavior, Mental Health