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How Teachers Can Encourage Moral Behavior

Summary:  This article talks about the importance of understanding the dangers of moral disengagement and how it leads to negative perceptions and bullying behaviors.  Educators need to understand how transgressors use moral disengagement to “disengage their moral self-sanctions from their detrimental conduct.”

Source:  Albert Bandura, Ed Week, October 14, 2020



We’re Not ‘All in It Together’ – But we could be, if we rise to the moment.

Summary:  This article talks about the importance and character and civic-mindedness in dealing with the spread of the coronavirus.  The author speaks about civic character and the responsibility each of us should feel toward acting responsibly in the face of this public health crisis.

Source:  Eric Liu, The Atlantic, April 8, 2020



Promoting Prosocial Behaviors in the Classroom

Summary: This article reports on the importance of  developing prosocial behaviors in reinforcing academic performance.  The author focuses on gratitude, kindness, and empathy as three prosocial behaviors that you can implement in your classroom right away.

Source:  Catherine Beachboard, Edutopia, December 11, 2019



Here’s Why Raising ‘Good’ Kids is Just Good Enough…

Summary:  This article from NBC’s Parent Toolkit, suggests ways to raise socially responsible kids.  These include acts of helpfulness and kindness as well as good problem-solving skills.  A final suggestion is that parents need need to model these traits for their children.

Source:  Maurice Elias, NBC Parent Toolkit, April 2, 2019



SEL Is Easy to Love, Which Should Make Us Nervous

Summary: This article offers and opinion on the importance of Social, Emotional, and Academic Learning and the possible pitfalls that this movement toward SEL could face despite how important these skills seem to be intuitively.

Source:  Rick Hess, Education Week, January 21, 2019



Whole Child Education: The Era of False Choices Needs to End

Summary:  This article comments on implications from the Aspen Institute Report and the importance of a balanced view of student achievement and success.  The article also focuses on “the need for schools and communities to embrace children as individuals and future citizens, and ensure that they don’t feel like test-taking cogs in a bureaucratic enterprise.”

Source:  Frederick M. Hess and Tim Shriver, Real Clear Education, January 16, 2019



Building a Strong School Culture

Summary:This article suggests six steps that principals (school leaders) can take to help to build a strong school culture. These include serving as a role model, selecting staff wisely, teaching what you’d like to see, broadcasting your vision, making your vision tangible, and restructuring social networks.

Source: Leah Shafer, Harvard GSE, September 9, 2018

Categories: School Culture and Climate, Leadership in SEL, Core Values, Research in SEL



What Makes a Good School Culture?

Summary:This article lays out several factors that make up a positive school culture. The most important elements of culture are connections. core beliefs, and behaviors.

Source:Leah Shafer, Harvard GSE, July 23, 2018

Categories: School Culture and Climate, Core Values, SEL Basics, Relationships



Passport to Tolerance

Summary:This article explores ways that schools can address tolerance and cultural responsiveness. It offers several strategies that can be used to celebrate different cultures and make schools safe and welcoming for all students.

Source: Don Vu, Edutopia, October 19, 2018

Categories: Educational Equity, Core Values, Empathy, School Culture and Climate, SEL Basics



What’s Missing When We Talk About Grit

Summary: This article explores the importance of relationships and connections when talking about the positive effects of grit. These connections serve as a foundation which encourages students to make the effort to succeed

Source: Luke Reynolds, Education Week, October 23, 2018

Categories: Grit, Performance Values, Relationships, Motivation, Core Values