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In Schools, Are We Measuring What Matters?

Summary:  In this article, Stephen Merrill interviews Angela Duckworth, author of the best-selling book “Grit”.  In this interview, Duckworth talks about the way student capabilities are measured and how standardized testing can miss the mark by focusing too narrowly on academics without looking at other skills that may be just as important,

Source:  Stephen Merrill, Edutopia, October 16, 2020



The Five Success Skills Every Student Should Master

Summary: This article is a commentary on what the author calls “human literacy’ which consists of “soft skills” – the qualities the author calls the “formative five”— empathy, self-control, integrity, embracing diversity, and grit. “it’s the ability to know oneself and work with others, our human literacy, that is essential for success.”

Source: Thomas R. Hoerr, Education Week, December 11, 2018

Categories: SEL Basics, Empathy, Grit, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Relationships



What’s Missing When We Talk About Grit

Summary: This article explores the importance of relationships and connections when talking about the positive effects of grit. These connections serve as a foundation which encourages students to make the effort to succeed

Source: Luke Reynolds, Education Week, October 23, 2018

Categories: Grit, Performance Values, Relationships, Motivation, Core Values



Letting Students Fail Can Build Resilient, Confident Learners

Summary: The value of failure is discussed in this article. Rebounding from failure builds resilience and has other benefits as well, such as having students learn from their mistakes.

Source: Lauren Barack, Education DIVE, September 12, 2108

Categories: Mindset, Motivation, SEL Basics, Grit, Performance Values




How Can Educators Measure and Predict Grit in Their Students?

Summary:  This article reports on a study into some key indicators of grit by Dana Wazner.  The study included 45,626 students and 145 schools nationwide. Wanzer clarifies that grit is the development of passion and perseverance in students.  

Source:  Shelina Chatlani, Education DIVE, June 28, 2017

Categories: Grit, Performance Values, Student Engagement




Can Batman Teach Grit?

Summary:  This article shows that pretending to be a superhero character can help students build perseverance and stay focused on an assigned task.  The study also supports the notion that spending more time on free play or role-playing can improve cognitive development.

Source: Sarah D. Sparks, Education Week, January 11, 2017

Categories:  Grit, Performance Values, Classroom Practice



Happy Student

2016’s ‘Whole Child’ Issues: Growth Mindset, Transgender Rules, School Cops

Summary:  This article lists “Whole Child” issues that emerged in 2016 and provides a look at the top ten posts of 2016 relating to a variety of issues from social emotional learning, mindset, performance values, LGBTQ issues, and police presence in schools.

Source:  Evie Blad, Education Week, December 30, 2016

Categories:  Mindset, LGBTQ Issues, SEL Basics, Grit, Student Behavior



The Trouble With Grit

Summary:  In this article, the author poses important points about what he calls the current “grit-mania.” His point is that grit alone may not lead to the kinds of successes that are often reported.  There are certainly other factors at work that help secure that success.  With that said, he does note that grit is a value that can help to promote success.

Source:  Dave Powell, Education Week, May 29, 2016

Categories:  Grit, Performance Values, Student Achievement




‘Helping Children Succeed’: An Interview With Paul Tough

Summary:  This is an interview with the author, Paul Tough, whose new book “Helping Children Succeed” explores the importance of connection and meaningful hard work that will help children persevere when the going gets tough.

Source:  Larry Ferlazzo, Education Week, May 24, 2016

Categories:  Performance Values, Grit, School Culture and Climate




Putting Grit in Its Place

Summary:  In this Op-Ed article, David Brooks comments on the concept of “Grit” as well as Angela Duckworth’s new book of the same title.  He contrasts the importance of GPA (Grade Point Average) with working persistently toward something a student cares about.  This is the “moral purpose” that Duckworth talks about in her book.

Source:  David Brooks, New York Times, May 10, 2016

Categories:  Grit, Performance Values, Core Values