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The Three Imperatives of Teaching During the Pandemic: An Ethicist Weighs In

Summary:  The premise of this article is to “keep students front and center” during the pandemic.  The author suggest three imperatives in order to make this happen. These include putting student health and safety first, teaching critical thinking, and teaching ethical leadership.

Source:  Ann Gregg Skeet, Education Week, October 25, 2020



Helping Teachers Thrive

Summary:  This article offers suggestions for school leaders to help their teachers build resilience as the new school year starts.  This is important in weathering the day-to-day storms but it also helps teachers to thrive!

Source:  Elena Agullar, Edutopia, August 21. 2017

Categories:  Leadership Qualities, Emotional Intelligence, Classroom Practice, Performance Values, Positive Relationships



Student Achievement Depends Upon Faculty Relationships and Trusted Leaders

Summary:  This article points out the importance of relationships and trust as a necessary attribute for school leaders.  Drawing on an article by Steven Covey, the writers emphasize the importance of trust for leaders to be effective.

Source: Jill Berkowitz and Ann Myers, Education Week, August 20, 2017

Categories:  Leadership Qualities, Positive Relationships, Core Values, School Culture/Climate




From Teacher to Leader: Shift Your Mindset

Summary: This article focuses on the needed shift in mindset when a teacher becomes a leader.  The author shares some thoughts about how to work with others to encourage reflection and as well as the growth mindset.

Source: Starr Sackstein, Education Week, August 1, 2017

Categories:  Leadership Qualities, Mindset, Positive Relationships, Teacher Collaboration, Professional Development




What a Photograph of a Tree Can Teach Leaders About Change

Summary:  This article uses a tree metaphor to address the change process in education.  Change is almost always a difficult proposition that is often associated with loss.  The  authors show that when leaders are sensitive to various factions affected by the potential change, they can address those concerns and alleviate some of the fear and hesitation that goes along with any change process.

Source:  Jill Berkowitz and Ann Myers, Education Week, August 1, 2017

Categories:  Leadership Qualities, School Culture/Climate, SEL Basics



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Great Leadership Starts With Humility

Summary:  This article talks about leadership qualities that foster collaboration and a positive culture.  Honoring the contributions of others and encouraging building relationships are important leadership qualities to emulate.

Source: Starr Sackstein, Education Week, July 27, 2017

Categories:  Leadership Qualities, Positive Relationships, Teacher Leadership, Teacher Collaboration



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Why Emotionally Intelligent People Are More Successful

Summary:  This article summarizes research connecting emotional intelligence (EQ) with success in business.  There are also some ideas about hiring practices which involve an inventory of EQ skills to identify potential candidates.

Source:  Harvey Deutschendorf, Fast Company, June 22, 2015

Categories:  Emotional Intelligence, SEL Basics, SEL Research, Leadership Qualities



7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Leaders

Summary:  This article by Peter DeWitt talks about leadership qualities shown by ineffective leaders with reference to Steven Covey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” 

Source:  Peter DeWitt, Education Week, March 7, 2017

Categories:  Leadership Qualities, Positive Relationships, Teacher Leadership



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Skills for Life – How Principals Can Promote Social Emotional Learning in their Schools

Summary:  This article provides some examples of how schools have implemented various strategies to promote social emotional learning.  The article also suggests several ways that principals can support SEL in their buildings.

Source:  Linda Dusenbury, Roger P. Weissberg, and Duncan C. Meyers, Principal Magazine, September/October 2016

Categories: SEL Basics, Leadership Qualities, School Culture/Climate



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6 Paths to Better Leadership

Summary:  School leaders can undertake these six key tasks to make a difference in the lives of their students and improve school communities.

Source:  Maurice Elias, Edutopia, July 18, 2013 Updated December 20, 2016

Categories:  SEL Basics, Leadership Qualities, School Culture and Climate