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Working together

Teachers Shouldn’t Work in Isolation. Kids Need a Team.

Summary:  This article speaks to the importance of teamwork to provide teachers with collaboration and support. Every teacher needs a friend, a colleague and an administrator on his/her side; this is the only way to make for a happy and long educational career.

Source:  Starr Sackstein, Education Week, July 25. 2017

Categories: Teacher Collaboration, Teacher Satisfaction, Positive Relationships, Professional Learning Communities



How Should Administrators Empower Teacher Collaboration?

Summary: This article supports the notion of distributed leadership and teacher empowerment, using the model of Professional Learning Communities as an example for ways to honor teacher voice.

Source:  Shalina Chatlani. Education DIVE, July 6. 2017

Categories:  Teacher Leadership, Teacher Voice, Teacher Collaboration, Professional Learning Communities




The Power of Collective Wisdom

Summary:  In this article, Maurice Elias draws on the work of Daniel Kahneman (“Thinking Fast and Slow”) to underscore the importance of using networked communities of learners to ensure success when implementing social-emotional and character development programs.

Source: Maurice Elias, Edutopia, March 21, 2017

Categories:  SEL Basics, Professional Learning Communities, Character Education



Learning to Improve: Professional Learning Communities at Breakthrough

Summary:  This article provides a good general overview of the benefits of Professional Learning Communities.  It describes the Richard DuFour model of PLCs and how Breakthrough Collaborative has implemented PLCs in the form of workgroups on a variety of topics starting with their Intern Teacher Training Initiative (ITTI).

Source:  Breakthrough Collaborative, May 2012 Research Brief

Categories: Professional Learning Communities