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In Schools, Are We Measuring What Matters?

Summary:  In this article, Stephen Merrill interviews Angela Duckworth, author of the best-selling book “Grit”.  In this interview, Duckworth talks about the way student capabilities are measured and how standardized testing can miss the mark by focusing too narrowly on academics without looking at other skills that may be just as important,

Source:  Stephen Merrill, Edutopia, October 16, 2020



The Science of Keeping Kids Engaged—Even From Home

Summary:  This article talks about student engagement in online learning and the importance of the science of motivation.  The authors focus on creating a sense of belonging, connecting work to purpose and relevance, and hard work, failure, and mindset.

Source:  Ian Kelleher and Chris Hulleman, Edutopia, August 21, 2020



Growth Mindset, Effective Teachers Among Lessons from PISA

Summary:  This article reports on results from the Program for International Student Assessment showing that students having a growth mindset along with support from their teachers score higher on reading assessments.  

Source:  Linda Jacobson, Education DIVE, December 17, 2019



Rigor and Joy: SEL and Academics Go Hand-in-Hand

Summary:  This article tells the story of how a rural school in Oregon employed the growth mindset to help students grow by linking SEL and Academics.  The school has a population where the majority of students are living in poverty and many are challenged with childhood trauma. The staff realized that they had to address both rigor and SEL in order to help students achieve.

Source: Kourtney Ferrua, eSchool News, June 18, 2019



Supporting Social, Emotional, & Academic Development: Research Implications for Educators

Summary: This article reports on a University of Chicago research synthesis designed to help teachers and principals support equitable outcomes for all students. It suggests ways teachers, administrators, and school support personnel can use insights from research to create Pre-K-12 schools and classrooms that advance educational equity.

Source:Elaine M. Allensworth, Camille A. Farrington, Molly F. Gordon, David W. Johnson, Kylie Klein, Bronwyn McDaniel, and Jenny Nagaoka, UCHICAGO Consortium on Educational Research, October 2018.

Categories: SEL Basics, Research in SEL, Student Engagement, Mindset, School Culture and Climate



Letting Students Fail Can Build Resilient, Confident Learners

Summary: The value of failure is discussed in this article. Rebounding from failure builds resilience and has other benefits as well, such as having students learn from their mistakes.

Source: Lauren Barack, Education DIVE, September 12, 2108

Categories: Mindset, Motivation, SEL Basics, Grit, Performance Values



Schools Need to Approach Equity Issues With a Growth Mindset

Summary:A growth mindset may be important for students, but it also applies to teachers. This can be particularly true in terms of educational equity. “Equity discussions need to focus not only on race, but also on factors such as socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientation, family background, disability, and religious beliefs, because they all bring different experiences to the educational setting,” says Dr. Michael Moody.

Source:Amelia Harper, Education DIVE, August 29, 2018

Categories: Mindset, Educational Equity, Teacher Engagement, Teacher Training, School Culture and Climate




From Teacher to Leader: Shift Your Mindset

Summary: This article focuses on the needed shift in mindset when a teacher becomes a leader.  The author shares some thoughts about how to work with others to encourage reflection and as well as the growth mindset.

Source: Starr Sackstein, Education Week, August 1, 2017

Categories:  Leadership Qualities, Mindset, Positive Relationships, Teacher Collaboration, Professional Development



Social-Emotional-Learning Researchers Gather Input From Educators

Summary:  This article comments on the work the Aspen Institute’s National Commission on Social, Emotional, and Academic Development and the involvement of of current and former leaders from the worlds of education, policy, government, and business,  The commission has an ambitious agenda to try to define commonalities in the emerging and overlapping fields of social-emotional learning, deeper learning, mindsets, and student engagement.

Source:  Evie Blad, Education Week, July 18, 2017

Categories:  SEL Basics, SEL Research, Student Engagement, Mindset, Student Achievement



Misinterpreting the Growth Mindset: Why We’re Doing Students a Disservice

Summary:  This article, by John Hattie, looks at Carol Dweck’s work on the Growth Mindset and comments on how many have misinterpreted what she has had to day about this mental attitude. 

Source:  John Hattie, Education Week, June 28, 2017

Categories: Mindset, Emotional Intelligence, SEL Basics